Thermory 4 Person Barrel Sauna | No. 60 & No. 61

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Thermory 4 Person Barrel Sauna With Porch 

The Thermory Barrel Saunas: It all starts with stunning Spruce.

Our Nordic spruce is harvested exclusively in Scandinavia, a region known for the most responsible forestry in the world. This spruce offers impressive rot resistance and longevity with a Class 1 durability rating of 25+ years. Combining rustic knots with a
naturally light tone, the wood has a golden brown color when thermally modified that will gradually lighten to an attractive grey when left to the elements.

Enhanced from the inside out.

With a strong tradition going back centuries (or even longer), saunas are popular fixtures all over the world. But what is a sauna and why does it appeal to so many?

The basic premise involves heating stones to a high temperature with water thrown on the stones to produce steam and a sensation of increased heat.

It brings a symphony offeelings. A tingle as your blood flow increases. A loosening of your muscles. A bead of sweat rolling down your back. A worry drifting away - then another and another.

Those are welcomed feelings for many, especially for their physical and mental health benefits, which may include:

• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
• Healthier skin
• Relieved muscle aches
• Mental relaxation
• Improved sleep
• And much more!

Plus, a sauna is a perfect place to socialize and decompress with family and friends. It’s not only warm and comfortable but technology is prohibited. The minimal distractions encourage connection and conversation.



Ahead of the curve in every way.

Behind the Magnolia tree? Next to the pool? To the right of the garage? Build a perfect escape in your own backyard with this freestanding model.


Real Wood That’s Built to Take the Heat

All Thermory saunas start with 100% natural wood that’s harvested and produced responsibly, guided by the highest standards for quality and sustainability. All the wood species we select are ideally suited to withstand the rigors of regular sauna use. That means every time you step into a Thermory sauna, all you notice is unequaled beauty and comfort.


Wood Saunas and DIY Sauna Kits | Thermory USA


Features & Specifications

Thermally Modified

Simply put, our wood handles the rigors of a sauna better than the rest. That’s because our thermal modification process naturally enhances it using just heat and steam. This entirely modifies every board to its core leading to unrivaled rot- and moisture resistance with exceptional durability.

Functional Design

A curved design prevents heat from getting trapped at the top of the room. Instead, the hot air circulates naturally along the rounded walls for quick and continuous warmth while using far less energy. Plus, our barrels are larger than most, which makes them comfortable for standing and laying down.

Ready to Assemble

Our saunas are designed with installation in mind. In fact, every sauna comes with pre-cut and pre-milled staves and cradles that can be set up in just four to six hours by a team of three to four people with moderate DIY skills. No cutting is necessary.



Package Contents

  • Barrel cradles
  • Body staves
  • Wall panels
  • Glass front door
  • Interior Benches
  • Backrest staves
  • Duckboard flooring
  • Fasteners
  • Adhesive roof tape
  • Metal bands
  • Porch benches
  • Heat shield
  • Cable raceway
  • Rain jacket with trim



Barrel Sauna No. 60 With Window

Total Length 7.33'
Inside Diameter 7.25'
Wall/Board Thickness 1.625'
Outside Diameter 7.52'
Window Size 7' x 3.5'
Bench Length 5.0'
Bench Width 2.08'
Porch Length 1.58'
Volume 212 cu. ft
Rain Jacket Included


Barrel Sauna No. 61 Without Window

Total Length 7.33'
Inside Diameter 7.25'
Wall/Board Thickness 1.625'
Outside Diameter 7.52'
Window Size 7' x 3.5'
Bench Length N/A
Bench Width 2.08'
Porch Length 1.58'
Volume 212 cu. ft
Rain Jacket Included


    Assembly & Maintenance

    Easy Assembly

    We pride ourselves on our attention to detail—right down to our installation guide. Your Thermory Barrel comes with pre-cut and pre-milled staves and cradles, so there’s no cutting necessary. In less than a day, you and a few friends can have your sauna fully constructed. 


    Thermory 6-Person Barrel Sauna Kit - No Porch – Northern Saunas



    To best maintain your sauna, we recommend wiping the benches with a clean washcloth after every use and treating it with a sauna-specific cleaning solution at least once a year.


    Barrel Sauna No. 62 – 6 Person Sauna | Thermory USA

    Heating Options

    HUUM heaters are the perfect complement to your Thermory sauna, providing long-lasting heat and a stunning aesthetic.

    With a strikingly minimalist stainless-steel design, HUUM heaters bring a touch of elegance to your sauna while offering a high stone capacity for mild and continual steam. Contact us about your heating options.