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Titan Otamic 3D Icon


Otamic 3D Icon II Audacia Home


You don’t become an icon overnight, it takes hard work, dedication, and the ambition to be different in order to achieve that status; and the Otamic Icon II has more than earned its name. Through illustrious technology like intelligent voice control, an automatic extending footrest, lower body heating, and smart body scanning the Icon II truly displays its dedication to generating relaxing experiences. Furthermore, its maverick-like styling embodies the Icon’s ambition for difference.

Otamic 3D Icon II Features

  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Smart Body Scan System
  • Ergonomic SL-Track
  • 44 Air Cells Full Body Air Massage
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • 9 Auto Programs & 8 Massage Programs
  • Heating on Back & Calf
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest
  • Bluetooth Speakers



    Otamic 3D Icon II Programs


    The Icon II is available in three classic colors: definitive taupe, paragon brown, and jet black. Each option is hand tailored to match nearly any home decor, regardless if it’s minimalist, traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between.


    Otamic Iocn 2 - Taupe Brown Black Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home



    Smart Body Scan System Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home

    Smart Body Scan System

    From the second you power up your Icon II, it’ll begin working to personally relax you. The smart body scan software will measure multiple aspects of your body in order to efficiently prescribe the perfect massage every time.


    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Ergonomic SL Track

    Ergonomic SL-Track

    The Icon’s scientifically engineered SL track works to match the curvature of the human body, while allowing the three-dimensional massage rollers to reach everything from your neck to your hamstrings.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home 44 Air Cells Full Body Air Massage

    Full Body Air Massage

    The Icon incorporates an unprecedented 44 air cells to provide one of the most thorough full body air massages on the market. This cloud-like massage can be experienced across the entire body on five increasing intensities.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Zero Gravity Position

    Zero Gravity Position

    Induce relaxation like never before, with the Icon’s zero gravity reclining. Originally developed by NASA, this technique positions the legs at a higher elevation than the heart for a weightless massage experience.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Space Saving Technology

    Space Saving Technology

    Place the Icon ANYWHERE. With the Icon’s unique space saving reclining feature, the chair can be positioned as close as one inch away from the wall and still achieve a full recline. This is accomplished by sliding the chair forward while simultaneously reclining backwards.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Heating On Back and Calf

    Heating On Back & Calf

    With the Icon’s back and calf heating function you’ll never want to get up again. The specialized heat mechanism hidden within the back and calf areas of the chair provide a deep, thorough, tension-relieving heat.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Specialized Footrest Massage

    Specialized Footrest Massage

    Otamic could never overlook a massage aspect as important as the feet, as such we’ve developed a specialized system to treat each foot with incredible care and precision.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Automatic Extendable Footrest

    Automatic Extendable Footrest

    Some massage chairs take a ‘one size fits all approach,’ not the Icon though. Through its advanced automatic extending footrest, even the tallest of individuals get to experience a comfortable massage.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Convenient Remote Holder

    Convenient Remote Holder

    The Icon’s ergonomic remote holder fills two roles in one, both holding the remote when not in use, as well as providing a platform for quick access to the remote.

    Programs & Specifications 


    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home 9 Automatic and 8 Manual Programs

    9 Automatic/ 8 Manual Programs

    When you boot up your massage chair explore nine unique automatic massage modes, including:
    Boss Nursing: This intense massage is ideal for individuals who spend long hours at the office, or those suffering from soreness and tension in the neck and shoulders.
    Gentle Treatment: A milder massage designed for relaxing muscles in the back and waist, routine use is great for shaping the body and improving metabolism.
    Body Care: Use this massage mode in the morning or midday to assist with muscle vitality.
    Extension: A Thai-inspired massage that utilizes stretching techniques in tandem with intense kneading pressure to keep muscles strong and flexible.
    Neck & Shoulder: This deep tissue massage is hand crafted to ease pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
    Waist & Spine: Focused on repairing the lumbar and lower back, this massage mode relieves tension and boosts muscle vitality.
    Sports Refresh: Use this massage mode after intense physical activity, to promote healthy circulation and release pent up muscle tension.
    Working Relief: This massage was designed to be the perfect massage for the every-man, providing both physical and emotional rejuvenation.
    Rest & Sleep: For individuals who have trouble sleeping, this gentle massage mode primes the body for rest while also relieving general fatigue.
    Additionally, you may choose between eight distinctive massage styles. These include kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, 3D shiatsu, percussion, and pressing.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Intelligent Voice Control

    Intelligent Voice Control

    Otamic is keeping up with the latest technology by including an intelligent voice control function. Easily customize your massage, control your chair’s power, or even recline without having to lift a finger. To activate the Icon’s voice control features, simply say “switch to voice mode.”



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home 3D Massage Mechanism

    3D Massage Mechanism

    The Icon II comes complete with a unique 3D massage roller system. These human-esque rollers utilize five intensities, three distinct modes, three focus regions, three degrees of width, and six varying speeds. Mix and match different combinations to create your perfect massage.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Easy Reach USB Charger

    Easy Reach USB Charger

    BYour mobile device will never be out of reach ever again with the conveniently placed USB charging port. This additional port means you’ll never have to sacrifice battery life for a relaxing life again.



    Titan Otamic 3D Icon Audacia Home Bluetooth Speakers

    Bluetooth Speakers

    By utilizing dual surround sound Bluetooth speakers, the Icon II opens the doors to an entirely new dimension of the massage experience. Listen to your favorite tracks, relaxing sounds, or even that audiobook you’ve been meaning to make time for.




    Product Name Otamic 3D Icon ll
    Rated Voltage 110 - 120V~
    Rated Frequency 60Hz
    Rated Current 1.6A
    Dimensions (WxLxH) Upright: 29.5" x 63" x 48.5"
    Reclined: 29.5" X 71" X 35"
    Weight Net: 235.9 lbs
    Gross: 268.9 lbs
    Maximum body weight of user 260 lbs