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G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s

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G1S Gym


The Body Solid G1S Home Gym is engineered to be simply the best home gym on the market. Made with only the finest quality materials and backed by an in-home lifetime warranty on the entire gym. Everything on the G1S is covered from the cables and pulleys to the cushioned seat. Get ready for a home gym unlike any other.


Using a home gym has never been easier. The Body-Solid G1S Home Gym combines extreme durability with an economic space saving design. The sturdy electroplated powder coat finish resists even the hardest hits and won’t chip, scratch, or peel. Constructed from heavy duty 12 gauge steel, the Body Solid G1S is the definitive in power, utility, and durability. All five stations on the G1S boast self-lubricating bronze bushings and precise pivot points, allowing the shaft to rotate freely without friction, for smooth movements and flow.

41/2 inch pulleys are made of impact resistant fiberglass and durable nylon. Add to that the meticulously machined steel ball bearings, for extended cable-life. The cables are made from 2,200 lb, steel air craft cables constructed to military specifications, and covered with a nylon sheath for low upkeep. With the unique design of the G1S users will never have to change a cable.

DuraFirm™ pads give the utmost in lumbar support and comfort, averting lower back strain. The chrome plated seat post is telescoping for fast modification, aligning the body into the correct position. The Body-Solid G1S Home Gym employs a 160lb alloy weight stack. Sophisticated alloy plates are machined to precise specifications and the high tech nylon bushings provide sleek, silent operation.



Body-Solid G1S Home Gym features five work stations for the ultimate in total body workouts. The high pulley station allows users to perform a variety of exercises. Lat pull downs, triceps press downs and cable crossovers are just a few of the exercises that can be done with ease on the G1S. The adjustable hold down pads allows users to perform lifts exceeding their body weight.

Build awe-inspiring abs and remarkable triceps with the mid pull down station. Designed for a smooth and secure full range of motion for optimal core isolation and tightening. Develop muscular legs and strengthen the knees with the leg curling station, and take your pecs to the next level with the chest press station. Engineered for supreme chest focus and exceptional muscle development; the multi grip handles spotlight specific areas of the chest and triceps.

The low pulley station is quintessential for strong muscular backs and those hard to reach lower lats. The low pulley rotates easily and fully to permit the most precise resistance for cable curls, shrugs and leg abductions.

All Body Solid G1S’ come with lots of extras including an ab/triceps strap, lat bar, straight bar, and ankle strap, but that’s not all. Added in is a full exercise chart, total body work out DVD and a handy water bottle and towel holder.


G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s


Tech Specifications


  • Easy to use, space saving, no-cable-change design.
  • Traditional press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.
  • DuraFirm™ pads with lumbar support provide ultimate comfort and prevent lower back strain.
  • All stations feature self-lubricating bronze bushings with biomechanically accurate pivot points for friction-free shaft rotation.
  • Telescoping, chrome plated seat post for quick, smooth adjustments and proper body positioning.
  • 2,200 lb. tension strength, military spec, steel aircraft cables with nylon sheath provide durability and low maintenance.
  • 4½” pulleys are impact resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon with precision machined steel ball bearings for prolonged cable life, smooth movement and maximum durability.
  • Heavy duty 12-gauge steel construction provides ultimate strength, function and durability.
  • Tough, durable, electrostatically applied powder coat finish ensures against scratching, chipping and peeling.
  • Includes lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab / triceps strap, Total Body Workout™ DVD, and convenient water bottle and towel holder.



G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s





  • Lat Pulldown / High PulleyStation
  • Ab Crunch / Mid Pulley Station
  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station
  • Chest Press Station
  • Seated Row / Low Pulley Station
  • 160 Lb. AlloyWeight Stack


Body-Solid G1S Home Gym

Perform lat pull downs, triceps press downs, cable crossovers and many more high pulley exercises. Adjustable hold down pads stabilize your body for lifts beyond your body weight. Unique versatility allows you to increase the strength and endurance of your back muscles.




G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s

When you’re ready to build muscular legs and stronger knee joints, this leg developer is ready to help you meet your goals. Biomechanically accurate pivot point ensures ergonomically correct body positioning for natural and complete hamstring and leg biceps development.



G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s

Essential for well-developed backs, seated row exercises build depth in the middle back and train the hard-to-reach lower lats. Low pulley swivels smoothly and fully to provide accurate resistance for cable curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg abduction, leg adduction, and much more.



G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s

Develop awesome abs and terrific triceps quickly at this strength training station. Biomechanically engineered for a smooth, comfortable, full range of motion crunching movement. Specifically designed for firming, flattening, and isolating the entire abdominal area.


G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s

Biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development. Comfortable, multi-position handgrips focus on distinct areas of the chest and triceps. Adjustable seat height assures you of a perfect fit.


Body-Solid G1S Home Gym

Advanced alloy weight stack plates are machine drilled to exact specifications and employ state-of-the-art nylon bushings for super smooth and quiet operation.


Product Presentation


G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s



Our Commercial Rated line of products are designed to fit a multitude of applications. Our knowledgeable sales and service professionals will work closely with your business, organization or institution to create the most effective and efficient layout and arrangement of workout stations. Body-Solid offers highly-customizable equipment, accessories and configurations that will meet your exact needs, while providing outstanding value and durability.


G1S Gym | Body Solid | G1s