E350 | Fluid Rower

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E350 | Fluid Rower Audacia Home

The E350 (Formerly the E316) Indoor Rower is a premium quality commercial rowing machine designed to accommodate all fitness levels and heavy use facilities. Featuring FDF’s Adjustable Fluid Resistance technology, this water rowing machine accurately simulates propelling a boat through the water with the rower experiencing an instant catch and continuous resistance, as well as the sight and sound of water being driven through the dual tank.

Delivering a massive range of adjustable resistance, the E350 Indoor Rower has an angled tank with a straight-line configuration for an unrivaled stroke profile. The convenience of this water resistance technology means you can change the intensity mid-workout to meet individual fitness goals, as well as accommodate multi-user training.

The E350 FluidRower has a small footprint with complete mobility and a compact vertical storage option, making it ideal for group classes, cardio areas, and quality home gyms.


Active Area

E350 | Fluid Rower Audacia Home
Rower Dimension
Compact Footprint 2720mm x 1410mm (107.09" x 55.53")
Upright Storage 1015mm x 810mm (39.96" x 31.89")
Product Size L 2120mm (83.46") x W 810mm (31.89") x H 1015mm (39.96")
Maximum User Weight 150kg (330lbs)


Shipping Dimensions - Box 1

Size 1090 x 580 x 420mm (42.91" x 22.83" x 16.53")
Net Weight 50.00kg (110.23lb)
Gross Weight 59.40kg (103.95lb)
Cubic Metres 0.265 (9.37 cubic feet)


Shipping Dimensions - Box 2

Size 1290 x 95 x 125mm (50.78" x 3.74" x 4.92")
Net Weight 4.8kg (10.58lb)
Gross Weight 5.1kg (11.24lb)
Cubic Metres 0.015 (0.54 cubic feet)


Product Videos


Connecting To Touch Heart Rate Handle


 Connecting To Bluetooth


Connecting Heart Rate And Kinomap On Android


Connecting Heart Rate And Kinomap On IOS


Level Sensor Calibration XL Model Rowers


Level Sensor Calibration V Model Rowers


 Setting Rower Model On The Console


Updating Console Firmware From APP Store



This product is designed and constructed for use in any Health Club / Fitness Studio application.

First Degree Fitness Limited warrants that the E350 Rowing Erg and S6 Laguna (model E350 & S6A), purchased from an authorized agent and in its undamaged original packaging, is free from defects in materials and workmanship. First Degree Fitness Limited or its agent will, at their discretion, repair or replace parts that become defective within the warranty period, subject to the specific inclusions and exclusions below.

Metal Frame – 10 Year Limited Warranty First Degree Fitness will repair or replace the metal Main Frame of the Rower should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 10 years of the original purchase. Warranty does not apply to frame coating.
Polycarbonate Tank & Seals – 5 Year Limited Warranty First Degree Fitness will repair or replace the polycarbonate tank or seals should they fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 5 years of the original purchase.
Mechanical Components (of a non-wearing nature) – 2 Year Limited Warranty First Degree Fitness will repair or replace any mechanical component should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.
All Other Components (of a wearing nature) – 2 Year Limited Warranty FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace any component should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.

Specific Inclusions

  • Bungee Recoil Cord, Belt, and Pulley
  • Hand Grips & Footstraps
  • Polyester Rowing Belt
  • Seat
  • All Pulleys, Rollers & Bearings
  • All Rubber Components
  • Monitor & Speed Sensor (excluding replaceable batteries)
  • All Drive Belts
  • Aluminum Seat Rails
  • Sliding Footplates

General Exclusions

  • Damage to the finish of any part of the machine
  • Damage due to neglect, abuse, incorrect assembly, or use of the machine
  • Any charges for freight or customs clearance associated with the return or dispatch of parts
  • Any damage to or loss of goods during transport of any kind
  • Any labour cost associated with a warranty claim

General Conditions

  • The serial number of the machine must be correctly registered with FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited or one of its appointed distributors
  • FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited reserve the right to examine any part where replacement is claimed under warranty
  • Warranty period applies only to the original purchaser from the date of purchase and is not transferable
  • The product must be returned to your place of purchase in original packaging with transportation, insurance, and associated charges paid for by you and risk of loss or damage assumed by you
  • FIRST DEGREE FITNESS makes no other warranties except as stated here and expressly disclaims all warranties not stated in this warranty. Neither FIRST DEGREE FITNESS nor its associates shall be responsible for incidental or consequential damages
  • Manufacturer's warranty automatically commences upon sale of the product to end-user or upon the expiration of one (1) year from month of manufacture, whichever occurs first



Why does the water in my tank appear cloudy or changed in colour?
Check to see that your unit has not been positioned in direct sunlight as this can impact the water quality. If necessary, change the location of the ergometer to reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

Your tank requires a water treatment every 12-24 months. If the water becomes discoloured or shows signs of algae or bacterial growth simply add one Water Treatment Tablet. Do not use any other water treatment tablet other than those supplies with your unit. Please contact your nearest regional dealer to arrange the purchase of further treatment tablets.

How do I detach and reattach the rower belt and the Bungee cord?
Instruction for Reattaching Handle Belt and Bungee Cord for Single Rail Rowers
Instruction for Reattaching Handle Belt for Dual Rail Rowers
Instructionfor Reattaching Bungee Cord for Dual Rail Rowers

Can I register my rower online?
To validate warranty support, save your original receipt and record your unique product purchase by completing the onlineProduct Registration Form.

Please refer to the back of your Owner’s Manual for a better understanding of the terms of your product warranty.

Where can I purchase water treatment tablets?
The time required between water treatments can vary greatly depending on your indoor rower’s location and exposure to sunlight. Typically, you can expect to treat your tank water every 12-24 months. If the water becomes discoloured or shows signs of algae/ bacterial growth, simply add one water treatment tablet.

To purchase additional water treatment tablets please consult your nearest regional dealer by visiting theFDF distributors page.

WARNING: Do not under any circumstance use any treatment tablet other than those supplied with your rower.


How do I install the heart rate kit?
Instruction for PACIFIC / NEWPORT AR / PLUS
Instruction for Dual Rail Rowers


What is the ideal user's height range for the rowers?
There is no height specification for any FDF rower. The specific determinant is by leg length. This is the point of reference that determines whether the seat hits the backstop when the legs are straight.

On average (i.e. average leg length) a person of approximately 6’6” would be accommodated on a Pacific Rower, however, if their legs were unusually long in proportion to their height, this may not be a suitable fit. If in doubt, the most efficient way to determine your most suitable fit is to sit on a rower and stretch your legs completely out.

Some important criteria to consider for tall people include:

  • Ample seat rail length so the user can fully extend their legs
  • Rowing motion must not be compromised in any way
  • Users must be able to see the fitness monitor without having to bend their neck uncomfortably
  • Users must be able to access buttons (if applicable) easily
  • Footrests must accommodate larger foot (if applicable)
I noticed the tank was leaking on my floor?
With the resistance level set at the maximum, please:
  • Check tank is filled to the correct level, as shown by the fill level indicator on the tank cover.
  • Check that the filling cap is tightened or sealed.
  • Check if the seal is crooked on the Horizontal Rower.
  • Any sign of cracks around the tank bolts area or tank shell.
  • Fill upthe contact form, a distributor will be in contact as soon as possible.
Where can I find the serial number on the product?
The serial number information can be found at –Serial Number Location


There's no reading on my console?
Please check the sensor gap follow by the instruction manual provided below. Can I connect a USB-enabled console to my Macbook?
We do not currently support macOS however plan to do so in the near future.


Can I write my own software to interfere with USB-enabled Consoles using an API or SOK?
For technical support reasons, we do not currently offer access to our proprietary communications protocol through an API or SDK.


Does the distance displayed in line with the real acceleration of the wheel compared to the water-resistance or is it just an estimation based on the number of stroker per minute?

  1. Flywheel Speed (RPM) through a stroke is used to determine stroke power.
  2. Stroke power is used to determine 500m split time.
  3. 500m split time is used with stroke time (catch to catch time) to determine stroke displacement (i.e. distance traveled through the stroke.
  4. Readings are updated per stroke.


What software version was put in the console at MFG?
The firmware version will appear once you POWER ON the console. It shows in the 2nd line of the LCD.


How would we know when a newer firmware would be made available?
Firmware updates can be done through the Fluid Connect DFU app (iOS & Android)


Do you have a list of compatible 3rd party rowing apps that are compatible with the Bluetooth Heart Rate console?
We don’t have a list of the APP compatible with the FDF FluidRower APP. As long as the APP support standard FTMS protocol for Rower data as well as the UBE Bike Data.


What is the specifics type of connectivity you offer for heart rate other than Bluetooth? ANT+, and/or Analog?
The Bluetooth Heart Rate console supports standard Bluetooth Heart rate and standard FTMS protocol.


Does Bluetooth connection for Zwift?
ZWIFT only supports Spin Bike at this moment. There is no Rower available in their APP


When does the Bluetooth Heart Rate console lose the memory of the BT connection with the phone? Instantly after the BT connection is terminated? Or does it take longer?
The console will check all sensor status. After 5mins without any input from the speed sensor or level sensor, the console will shut down. Bluetooth connection is defined as 1 to 1. You will need to go through the whole process again once your phone loses the connection.


Is there a Service Menu in the console? If yes, how to access and what can be done with it?
Please refer to the manuals below.  
How do I install Batteries into the Bluetooth console?
Here’s the video instruction.