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White Glove and Installation

Our mission as a company is to provide the best online shopping experience for our customers. In fulfillment of this vision, we go above and beyond in our shipping and installation offerings. Looking for a premium level delivery or installation option? Please see below for details:


Audacia Home does not offer installation services itself. As a service to our customers we do maintain a list of installers. While we are happy to offer these suggestions, we do not endorse nor guarantee the workmanship of such recommendations.


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Clearlight: Installation and White Glove

Over 80% of our customers choose free standard delivery of their sauna. Under this option, the sauna is delivered to driveway/garage area on a pallet with a number of boxes.From this point, you can transport the boxes individually, or if needed, remove the panels/components of the boxes to transport them individually to your desired sauna installation location. 

Assembly of the sauna is very simple and meant to be completed by the customer. It usually takes 1-2 people an hour or 2 to set it up. Most customers do not want/require full assembly of their sauna given the relatively simple process. 

White Glove Delivery and Installation are different services. Please see below.

White Glove Delivery: Clearlight Saunas

White Glove (Clearlight Saunas):If you would like to have the boxes brought inside with pallet and packaging removed (the sauna will still be in the boxes - The pallet and wrapping will be removed)- please select "Request White Glove Quote" at checkout, and we will reach out to you for the necessary information. There is NO installation under this option.

Once you receive your quote, if you would like to proceed, we can process the white glove delivery, or alternatively if you choose not to, you will receive the free standard option. White glove is usually around $400, but quotes can vary significantly depending on your situation (driveway ease of access, number of stairs, etc). 

Installation: Clearlight Saunas

If you would prefer to have your sauna completely installed.On the product or "Cart" page, on the bottom right under the product photo under "uploads" - select "Clearlight Product Installation" and choose the service level of your choice. 

  1. Finish placing your order. We will contact you from info@audaciahome.com for information on when you will be available for installation. We will set this up for you through our third party national installer. 
  2. Once you receive your tracking information, we will reach out to the installer for you, and provide them with your contact information and the type of sauna you have ordered. 
  3. They will contact you directly to schedule a time to install your sauna.

White Glove Delivery (Massage Chairs + Furniture)

White Glove Delivery : This method is available at checkout for most products. Under this method, the driver will bring your product into your room of choice (maximum 2 sets of stairs), remove most packaging, and for some products, complete light assembly required. 

There is also options for room of choice delivery, and threshold (to your porch/sheltered area) at checkout. 

Installation: Body Solid & TKO Strength

We offer installation services for our fitness products and barrel saunas through a third party provider. There are two different installation options.

OPTION 1: White Glove Delivery to Room of Choice + Assembly

  1. We will ship your order to the freight terminal in closest proximity to your address.
  2. Upon delivery to the freight terminal, we will notify your installation technician.
  3. Your installation technician will reach out to you directly to schedule your appointment to have the item delivered to your house and installed.
  4. On the date of appointment, the technician will pick the item up, bring it to your house, and have everything installed.

Please be advised, this entire process from the time of your order until the time the item is set up in your room of choice can take between 18-28 days. 


  1. We will ship your order via standard ground shipment or LTL. If it is LTL (larger items), this means that the item will be dropped off curbside.
  2. Once it has arrived at the freight terminal, the freight company will call you to schedule and you will be responsible for transporting the item into your house.
  3. Once you have received the item, the technician will contact you directly to schedule an appointment to come to your location, and assemble your purchase. 

Prices vary by item. You can:

  • Call us at 1-844-793-0403;
  • Message us on the Live Chat feature;
  • Email info@audaciahome.com 

to receive pricing estimates.

Installation: Enlighten Saunas

With a purchase of Enlighten Sauna, you can also have your sauna installed.This is how it works;

  1. At checkout,you will choose the "Installation" option which will be listed as "Free". At this point, there is no commitment for you to actually go through with this option

  2. After you complete your order:we will contact you asking for you to send us a video, photos, or both of where you would like the sauna to be installed and the route required to get there from the road. The sauna must be placed on a flat surface, and it must be a concrete slab or high quality wood (or other). However, it cannot be placed on the dirt ground.

  3. After we receive the completed form: we will get back to you with a quote for the installation depending on the difficulty of accessing the location where you would like the sauna installed and the surface which it will be installed on. 
  4. You may then complete payment for installation, and your appointment will be booked!

After you receive your quote, if you would prefer to outsource to your own installer, or put it together yourself (usually between 2-5 hours depending on experience and number of people setting it up), your order will remain completely valid and you will receive free curbside delivery. You may upgrade to threshold delivery (where the item will be placed outside of your door or sheltered area).

You must cancel your installation 48 hours before it occurs, or you will be charged 30% for late cancellation. Any rescheduling also must be made ahead of 48 hours in advance. 


Please note: Above is for assembly of the sauna. The installation crew will not be able to configure your electrical requirements. It is important to note, the saunas have varying volts depending on the size. Some saunas will be able to be easily hooked up to electrical set ups with no changes needed, but others may require a larger volt plug. We are happy to provide you the specific electrical requirements of each, but recommend contacting an electrician if you are not sure of your precise requirements and whether you will need to make adjustments. We are also happy to help find an electrician in your area.