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    Audacia's Core Values

    Meritocracy: Everyone in our organization has a voice. If you think there is a better way to do something, we want to hear it. But, you better have a good reason and be willing to back up your stance with clearly articulated reasons. Everything we do - promotions, raises, growth opportunities, etc. are all based upon merit and who deserves it. 

    Relentless Commitment to Unequivocal Excellence: In all that we do, we strive to operate at the highest level and to provide our customers a top-level experience. In our responsiveness, available hours, creative solutions to problems, we do all that we can do put your issues and needs at the forefront. When problems inevitably arise, we are creative, methodical, and fast in executing upon solutions. This considered, we expect our customers to be understanding of whatever situation has arisen, and to treat our employees with respect no matter what. If you are not willing to commit to that, please find another company to do business with. 

    • How do we do this? Exceptionally fast response times, an extremely knowledgeable team of product experts. 7 Days a week availability

    Entrepreneurialism: Our employees are not micro-managed and have freedom to work and forge their own path. We encourage all members of our team to be confident, bold, and to make the decision that they feel is best. This helps us to attract the best talent to our company.

    Boldness and Commitment to Being the Best: We encourage our team members to take calculated bets on themselves whenever possible - whether that be expanding into a new product line or cold calling a new client, we encourage bold decision making and striving for your absolute highest potential. 

    Constant Improvement: 10-20% of every day is spent on learning or improving a skill set - whether that be through books, courses, or any other avenue of learning. 

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